Integrated Lighting Fans.

The Homestyle ™ Minimum Standards of Performance ™ (MSP ™) Charter ensures our customers experience a hassle free project which results in complete customer satisfaction.

The MSP Charter sets the standards which apply to each and every project we undertake. Further to MSP ™, Homestye has developed the Project Delivery Program ™ (PDP ™), a process of timely and effective communication with customers, ensuring a smooth running and successful project. Your complete satisfaction is the most valuable marketing strategy we have.

All Homestyle projects are designed for complete environmental control by employing the Environment Control Concept ™ (ECC ™). This means designing a solution that regulates the amount of light, temperature, air flow, accessibility and visibility inside and out for your Patio.

Temperature and light are controlled with Solasafe HR1 polycarbonate roofing by Ampelite. Solasafe HR1 blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays. It reduces heat transfer by 80% and allows ample light to be transmitted.

SolarSpan Insulated Roofing is a combination of ceiling, insulation and roofing in one panel. it offers a unique difference in spanning capability with less support beams and a clean line look. Light is also controlled with the Homestyle ™ Integrated Lighting System ™ (ILS ™). The ILS ™ forms part of the finished structure and is controlled from switches pre-determined by the owner.

The result is, you do not see any exposed wiring, and you get peace of mind in the knowledge the system is safe and fully compliant with ‘Class A’ Electrical Regulations and compliance. Airflow is controlled via the use of electric outdoor fans and like the ILS ™ is designed and installed right.

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