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Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom outdoor blinds

Homestyle Living Outdoors began servicing the Adelaide area in 2001. Since then we have been offering quality exterior living spaces such as pergolas, decks, outdoor blinds, and outdoor patio blinds. We take pride in our cost-effective solutions that add style and value to our customer homes.

There is no doubt that outdoor blinds are a great addition to homes’ outdoor spaces. They offer several benefits like giving you a comfortable area to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Blinds also make family and friend gatherings more entertaining by adding luxury to any exterior space.

At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we offer unique spaces with sleek designs that will add life to your home. Our custom-made designs suit your likes and preferences while matching the current style of your home. Consequently, our outdoor blinds will give you a luxurious, comfortable, and affordable way to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Experience and Knowledge.

Our outdoor blinds Adelaide services are one of the specialties we offer here at Homestyle Living Outdoors. The purpose of these type of blinds is to offer a comfortable, shaded element to your pergola. We offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from, all made from high-quality materials.

Our large range of options will turn your outdoor pergola into a sheltered, luxurious area that you’ll absolutely enjoy spending time in. Instead of selecting from pre-set options, we help you customise pergola blinds specifically for your area.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Customised Solutions.

Great addition: Blinds can really revamp the style of your home’s outdoor spaces, especially your pergolas. The overall result is an increase in your home’s value. It offers a great way to unwind after a long day of work or the perfect spot to gather with family and friends.

Weather protection: You will receive protection from the unpredictable weather that Australia brings. Our exterior blinds will shelter you and your guests from the rain, wind, and strong UV rays of the sun.

Long lifespan: The durability of our blinds is outstanding. They are made from cutting-edge technology that withstand any type of climate. Additionally, they will not rot, leak, or wear out for several years.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Great Communication.

Aside from our pergola blinds, we offer the best patio and cafe blinds Adelaide has. We offer the premier Ziptrak & ZipScreen blind systems which don’t require ropes, pulleys, or straps. They are easy to operate and available in different styles to match the colour scheme of your café.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Additionally, the blinds we offer provide amazing protection from the sun, rain, and wind so you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. One of the more luxurious options that you can use for your patio include remote controlled blinds. They are motorised and operated from the touch of a remote controller.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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Give us a call today to learn more about how our outdoor living services can be of benefit to you and your home. Offering breathtaking extensions to your area, we guarantee services that will only add value to your property. We look forward to speaking with you and making your ideas a reality!

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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Where did you hear from us?