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Outdoor Kitchens Sydney

Outdoor kitchens speak to the latest trends in kitchen designs that bring family and friends together. Celebrate spring, summer, autumn and even mild winter days by hosting a BBQ. Outdoor gatherings tend to be more laid back than indoor dinner parties, offering a welcome reprieve from the stress of daily life.Outdoor kitchen gatherings in Sydney also keep the host at the center of the action,instead of inside, separated from guests. Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy kitchen while their guests are all outside enjoying the fresh air?Before you choose a company for outdoor kitchen design, it helps to know the components that go into designing and creating such a beautiful outdoor space. Have a choice in a modular format can help control the cost of achieving your dream outdoor kitchen.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Everything You Need for a Stylish Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

As you consider what your outdoor kitchen in Sydney needs, think about your lifestyle, your family's needs to host a successful BBQ, and even the area you have available outside.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Customised Solutions.

Every individual is different which is why we take into consideration tastes, style, preferences, budgets, and outdoor kitchen designs. Using this information, we deliver a outdoor kitchen perfect for your home.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Great Investment.

An outdoor kitchen is a great investment as they have a high rate of return when you’re comparing them with other exterior home improvement projects. If made from quality materials you can be looking at a lifetime of enjoyment. We suggest stainless steel designed appliances to withstand rain, hail, or heavy winds.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

In general, most kitchens require the following appliances and products:

Cabinets - The look and style of your cabinetry set the stage in kitchens, indoors or out. Speak to our experts to determine the most suitable colour combinations and pay attention to measurements. You don't want the kitchen's cabinets to overpower the space or distract from the outdoor view.

Kitchen Benchtops - Designer benchtops add to the style and elegance of kitchens. Choose from our range of outdoor kitchen engineered stone tops, in 4 colours.

Berverage Coolers - You'll need a cooler to store beverages for your outdoor entertaining convenience. Outdoor kitchens may not require a full-size fridge, choose a single door cooler more than big enough to store drinks for a single barbecue gathering or you can choose our double door cooler for bigger gatherings. Either way, the WOW factor is there with Euro coolers.

BBQ grill - What's an alfresco kitchen without a BBQ grill to cook those steaks and snags to perfection? Outdoor kitchens give you plenty of space for larger BBQs designed to hold enough meat and veggies to feed all your guests.

Wok Burner - You can't cook everything on one grill. Adding a Wok burner to your outdoor kitchens gives you the option to warm up foods or boil pasta. You can even toss a giant seafood boil on one to feed a crowd.

Sinks - Is a sink equipped with a pot-filler on your wish list? Adding one to your alfresco kitchen creates convenience when it comes to food prep and clean-up. If you have a water filter, you can even save money on bottled water by providing fresh drinking water to your guests. You might also consider adding a teppanyaki plate and a pizza oven to your kitchen. Pizza ovens offer a fun and inexpensive way to feed guests something outside the usual barbecue fare.

Find the Best Outdoor Kitchens

Celebrate Sydney’s outdoors year-round with everything you need to dine, play, and relax in your yard. An outdoor kitchen extends the usable space of your home for social gatherings while placing guests in a fun and relaxed environment. Are you ready to enjoy the luxury of an outdoor kitchen in your Sydney home? Contact us for a free quote.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen


20mm engineered stone bench-tops with polished edges all around for reversibility

stone top black


stone top cinnamon


stone top grey


stone top white



All carcass unit are made from 16mm V-lite PVC material with extreme water resistance. All doors, drawers, infills panels and kickers are made from 13mm Multi-purpose Compact Laminate.

cabinet color black


cabinet color polar white

Polar White

cabinet color moose


cabinet color fox teakwood

Fox Teakwood

cabinet color elegant oak

Elegant Oak

cabinet color natural walnut

Natural Walnut

cabinet color oyster linea

Oyster Linea

cabinet color seasoned oak

Seasoned Oak

cabinet color burnished wood

Burnished Wood

cabinet color new graphite

New Graphite

Find the best layout for you

If you are thinking about expanding your home, consider a modular outdoor kitchen option. Offering bespoke outdoor kitchens, we guarantee a home extension you will love. We look forward to speaking with you and finding a solution that fits your preferences. Give us a call today!















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Consequently, since this will make your home cooler than usual, your utility costs will be lower since your AC won’t be constantly running as a result of your indoor kitchen heating up. Everything you need will conveniently be located outside when installing a quality outdoor kitchen. This includes a refrigerator, ice maker, side burner, among other elements you wish to have. This saves you trips in and out of the house.

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