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We build Outdoor Blinds

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom outdoor blinds in Brisbane

Even in your outdoor spaces, it is completely understandable to desire some shade when the sun becomes unbearable.

For outdoor blinds, Brisbane residents can depend on Homestyle Living Outdoors for the perfect set of shades that are stylish, high quality, effective, and easy to use. We take care of everything from start to finish, taking into account your input and desires every step of the way. We want to help make your outdoor space a place to spend time with or without the sun pouring in.

No matter the design of the external blinds, Brisbane residents know that Homestyle Living Outdoors can help. We have simple and highly effective shades that entirely eliminate the need for ropes or dangerous and frustrating rods and strings. The blinds are spring loaded and incredibly easy to use, making your outdoor space that much more enjoyable.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Experience and Knowledge.

Sleek, sophisticated blinds are the current popular trend. Our experts know this, and we offer the best styles available with an easy to use mechanism that prevents the potential frustration that can accompany tangled cords and ropes. With our popular and sophisticated café blinds, Brisbane residents can enjoy the views that their home has to offer while protecting themselves from the sun.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Customised Solutions.

Our primary outside blinds are the ZipTrak and ZipScreen blind systems, a premier league brand of shades throughout Australia. Depending on your desired designs and needs, we offer you the choice between the styles. With either model, there is no need for pullers, ropes, or strings – no tangles here. The blinds exist on a spring-loaded system which can be easily raised or lowered once we properly install the system. The unobtrusive and sleek blinds system can make any outdoor space versatile and relaxing.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Great Communication.

We have multiple options of external blinds available for your needs and convenience. In addition to our “rope-less” shutters, we offer motorised shades that can be lowered and raised via remote control for the ultimate luxurious experience. Whatever your relaxing outdoor space needs, we can offer the options to give you the best relaxing environment.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

We use VisionTex for our fabric colours, with a wide range of options to suit your exact needs and style. This fabric is high quality and durable, providing up to 99% protection from sun, wind, rain, and unexpected weather conditions. Our blind systems and materials are all locally supplied and supported, promoting and helping local Australian businesses.

Whether the outdoor blinds you desire are simple or more sophisticated, whatever colour scheme you need, we can help you create the exact ambience that your outdoor space needs with your new blinds from us at Homestyle Living Outdoors.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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For more information about our available blinds systems, colours, and styles, as well as the receive a free quote for your potential new installation, call us today. Our experts can provide the answers you need about all of our available options, and can help you get started on your journey to protecting your favourite outdoor space.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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Where did you hear from us?