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We build Outdoor Kitchens

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom Outdoor kitchen Builders in Brisbane

Have you ever considered the appeal of an outdoor kitchen? If you have, but you are not sure where to turn, our experts at Homestyle Living Outdoors have a world of experience creating and constructing outdoor kitchens of all shapes and sizes. For the best outdoor kitchens, Brisbane residents can depend on our skills and knowledge.

Whatever your desires, needs, or style may be, we have the knowledge, materials, and flexibility to build you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Imagine the appeal of your own outdoor kitchen BBQ. Or maybe you desire an outdoor modular kitchen, Brisbane’s up-and-coming style preference. Whatever you desire from your new outside cooking space, we can help with the design and construction.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens.

Our design consultants are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and have the tools needed to help you seamlessly integrate your new space into the existing one, from BBQ kitchen to bespoke outdoor kitchens. Whatever style you desire for your new outside cooking area, our staff here at Homestyle Living Outdoors can help you find everything you need.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Customised Solutions.

With us, we are with you every step of the way, from design to finished product. We can help you get the paperwork you need to create your dream outdoor kitchen, and then we can build it for you, too.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Great Investment.

For a more traditional outside cooking experience, many people might enjoy a custom outdoor bbq kitchen Brisbane is known for. We offer an extensive range of Australian-made materials and Euro-style kitchen appliances. We have over 30 years of experience creating and installing the perfect outside cooking spaces, including BBQ styles.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Whatever the colour scheme, whatever appliances you need, and whatever the space you need to adapt to – we can help. We know exactly how to install all of the appliances that you need for your functional external cooking space. We also have a wide variety of appliances and aesthetics available to create your perfect, custom outside cooking area at an affordable rate. From prep space, to stove tops, to grills, to fridges, and everything in between, we can help create your perfect BBQ space.

Outdoor kitchen Ideas & Designs

For a more modern approach, a modular outdoor kitchen Brisbane loves to see. With a space suited for more functionality than style, while still maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance, is perfect for those who are serious about their upcoming outside cooking adventures. The functionality of the kitchen is the most important, making a modular style the perfect choice.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen


20mm engineered stone bench-tops with polished edges all around for reversibility

stone top black


stone top cinnamon


stone top grey


stone top white



All carcass unit are made from 16mm V-lite PVC material with extreme water resistance. All doors, drawers, infills panels and kickers are made from 13mm Multi-purpose Compact Laminate.

cabinet color black


cabinet color polar white

Polar White

cabinet color moose


cabinet color fox teakwood

Fox Teakwood

cabinet color elegant oak

Elegant Oak

cabinet color natural walnut

Natural Walnut

cabinet color oyster linea

Oyster Linea

cabinet color seasoned oak

Seasoned Oak

cabinet color burnished wood

Burnished Wood

cabinet color new graphite

New Graphite

Find the best layout for you

If you are considering installing an outdoor kitchen, from BBQ style to modular style, call us today for more information about our services or exactly what your outside kitchen could include. From the casual cook to the serious chef, everyone in Brisbane could benefit from a fun outdoor kitchen that is just right for them.















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Our locally sourced Australian made Laminex doors are ideally suited for modular kitchen cabinets, and perfectly suited for outdoor spaces. The durable material can hold up against the weather, and hold all of your cooking supplies with ease and style. With our guarantee, you can rest assured that your brand-new external cooking space will be taken care of from start to finish, leaving you with a stylish and functioning outdoor kitchen ideal for your tastes.

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