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Custom outdoor blinds in Gold Coast

Fun fact: Australians spend the majority of their lifetime outdoors, experiencing the splendid local weather. Why not enhance this experience with outdoor blinds Gold Coast? Reducing the amount of sun exposure can reduce energy costs by requiring less energy needed to heat or cool the home, and our versatile outdoor blind options can fit in pretty much any space.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Experience and Knowledge.

Whether you’re looking for fully automatic options or manual gear types, at Homestyle Living Outdoors, we have the right solution for you. Our blinds can work with windows, porches, verandas, alfresco areas, patios, and more.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Customised Solutions.

This affordable option will create a modern industrial aesthetic for your house. As a straight drop awning, these work well for outdoor areas in need of privacy and sun protection, as well as expansive windows.

Zip Roll Up, as one of the more premium options, these stylish awnings will enhance any area they are installed in, creating a gorgeous environment for your home all year round.

Looking to make a traditional outside space look more modern and contemporary? This may be the answer. This option utilises a material that can either be clear against the window or tinted, allowing a merge of the inside and outside atmospheres. These are good for both residential and commercial use, where they are popular in cafes and alfresco areas. Operated by a simple pulley and rope, these can be adjusted efficiently depending on the weather.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Great Communication.

Block your pergola from any unwanted sun to make it a more enjoyable space with this useful option. The unique design of your space can determine the option chosen for this job, but it isn’t uncommon to see PVC installed on pergolas. Enclosing this area is an inexpensive way to extend your property and doesn’t take forever to install.

Cafe blinds Gold Coast also utilise blinds that can depend on the unique style of your house already. PVC, zip roll ups, and crank styles are all common options here. Shade screens are also often used, it is simply based on personal preference and budget.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

The installation of these can increase the functionality of outdoor spaces, created additional access to natural daylight and ventilation, glare and heat reduction, interior furnishing protection against harmful UV rays, provide insect control, and offer numerous finish options that can change or compliment the current aesthetic of your home’s outdoor café space.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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At Homestyle Living Outdoors, our experienced team of builders and designers is able to assist with every step of the way, from the initial measurement process and the customised design and manufacturing to the final stretch of the installation. We use high quality materials that are made to last and can provide a wide range of colours so that you are sure to find an option that suits your tastes.

Call today to get a long-lasting solution for your home!

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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