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Custom Pergola Builders in Gold Coast

Pergolas are popular around the Gold Coast for their ability to effectively brighten your outdoor living space, adding a sense of sophistication and unique style into an area that was otherwise open and not terribly eventful. This creates an extension of the rest of your house, adding a whole new area for potential activities such as hosting, reading, and whatever other entertainment you can fit into the space.

A few things to keep in mind when considering this type of home renovation include how you will be utilising the outdoor space, what your budget is, and what style you have in mind.

With years of experience in this field, Homestyle Living Outdoors is well trusted by Gold Coast locals to handle pergola designs and construction.

HomeStyle Living Pergola

Experience and Knowledge.

For many Australians, today’s modern lifestyle includes a heavy emphasis on outside living for both residential and commercial properties. Because of this, maximum functionally is often desired for these outside areas along with premium aesthetic details. While your budget may impact some of the specifics of these, our experienced team will work with you to help make sure you get the end result you want.

HomeStyle Living Pergola

Customised Pergola Solutions.

Steel and timber pergolas are popular dwelling additions, and both of these provide different longevity and maintenance requirements to the table. The material you select will have a large impact on the overall aesthetic, as finishes for both of these can vary quite a bit.

HomeStyle Living Pergola

Great Communication.

Versatile roof options are just another factor to consider. Dutch, skillion, hip, flat, and gable are common choices, to name a few. Usually, people like to select a roof type that resembles the rest of their home in order to bring the two designs together to look like they were part of the same original construction, but it also isn’t uncommon to see a pergola that really stands out with its own unique style.

HomeStyle Living Pergola

The size of your future outdoor space depends on the property and how much area it has readily available as well as how you would like the final construction to turn out. What kind of contouring and finishes are you drawn to? If you are unsure, ask any one of our team members for references of past designs we have created for inspiration.

Pergola Ideas & Designs

You are not limited to conventional materials and designs for your new renovations. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, our experienced designers will plan out the perfect construction necessities for you. We can assist with all of the tough decisions, such as how precisely to position the renovation to provide your home with maximum use with premium aesthetic value.

We offer a wide range of services across the Gold Coast area, as well as a proficiency in the maintenance and upkeep of all of our projects. To discuss pergola replacement or construction services, call today! Homestyle Living Outdoors is happy to discuss your options as well as provide you with a free consultation.

HomeStyle Living Pergola

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For any questions about our services give us a call today! We offer a free consultation with no obligation to help you decide if a pergola is the right option for your home. We look forward to speaking with you. Call us today!

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