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Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom outdoor blinds in Melbourne

Enjoying the outdoors in a lovely Outdoor Blinds or patio is one of the best ways to spend the evening, but not when pesky mosquitos or other pests begin coming to visit. This is why at Homestyle Living Outdoors we offer a variety of Ziptrak and ZipScreen blind systems for sale and installation.

For low cost and quick installation, our builders can install one of a variety of blind types in our outdoor unit, to help you better enjoy your leisure time without being disturbed by pests or the elements. These blinds systems can also serve as protection for the inside of your pavilion or pergola from overexposure to the sun and weather.

In terms of style, these systems can be customized to suit the space they reside in with a wide range of VisionTex fabrics and Colorbond colours. Anyone interested in our most highly requested offering can opt for remote controlled blinds. These allow residents to protect their Outdoor Blinds or patio from 99% of the elements with the press of a button.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Experience and Knowledge.

Many people say that spending some relaxation time in their patio or pergola serves as some of the most enjoyable time in the day. We intend on helping you maximize the serenity of that leisure time by offering professional installation of high quality Ziptrak or ZipScreen blinds.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Customised Solutions.

You don’t need to deal with the hassle of difficult to use ropes and pulley systems when it comes to your blinds. Ziptrak uses simple, easy to use technology to help clients operate their blinds with little to no effort or confusion. This no stress method of blind design makes transforming this room from indoor to outdoor incredibly quick and easy. Utilizing a spring loaded, fixed track system for implementing blinds makes these systems incredibly user friendly. Anyone in the family can operate these blinds effectively without any trouble. Even the kids can enjoy the dual nature of the new outdoor space with the use of some of the most effective outdoor blinds Melbourne has to offer.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Great Communication.

These outdoor patio blinds allow residents to change the lighting and temperature in their outdoor space. During summer, when the sun is beating down for a majority of the day, pergola blinds can keep disruptive glare off of appliances and screens that may be in use in the outdoor space, and can also keep occupants cool in the shade.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Over the years, we have been able to provide some of the most innovative designs, and the most high quality café blinds Melbourne has to offer. At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we ensure absolute perfection when it comes to our blinds, which is why we design and manufacture them locally. Our support staffs also stay local to assist clients as fast as possible, and to offer the most specific local advice that they can.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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