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We build Outdoor Kitchens

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom Outdoor kitchen Builders in Melbourne

For nearly twenty years, Melbourne residents have enjoyed the copious benefits of working with us to create the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. We prioritise quality and durability to ensure that every client is able to save money and time over the years on their maintenance and upkeep.

When you decide to work with Homestyle Living Outdoors, we make it our priority to serve you the best we can with high quality materials and products, and world-class service. Our kitchen is the most widely requested modular outdoor kitchen Melbourne has to offer.

With a staff of highly trained industry professionals with expertise in a variety of fields, we can guarantee that every step of the process, from design to installation, will be treated with care. Employees are selected from some of the most talented, experienced builders and designers in the nation, and are able to professionally serve as consultants to recommend exactly which outdoor kitchen may be best for you and your property.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens.

We don’t believe in taking short cuts, and we don’t believe that every client should have the same exact kitchen. Your outdoor space is a representation of your residence and of you, and should be equally as unique. This is why we have consistently expanded our services to be able to provide custom, individualised outdoor kitchens.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Customised Solutions.

This is why we offer some of the most gorgeous custom outdoor kitchen designs Melbourne has to offer. We take into account a number of important factors when beginning to design a custom piece. In this case, we consider how the outdoor kitchen will look with the house and nature in surrounding areas, as well as what type of lifestyle the client or clients live, and how they want to utilize their outdoor area.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Great Investment.

Our designers’ most important tool is their ear. Listening to exactly what clients want is the most valuable way to be able to create exactly what it is that they are looking for in an outdoor kitchen. Rather than being stuck with the same tired design that all your neighbours have, try a custom modular outdoor kitchen Melbourne hasn’t seen yet, because it was made just for you.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

We can deliver on the quality outdoor BBQ kitchen Melbourne residents deserve to enjoy in their patio areas. We want to leave every client feeling one hundred precent satisfied with our products and services. Whether you want your kitchen to focus on guest-facing entertainment or alone time at the grill, we can work with you to create the layout that will serve your function the best.

Outdoor kitchen Ideas & Designs

For those who want to add a little flavourful flair to their outdoor area, bespoke outdoor kitchens can be designed and constructed to your exact specifications. An outdoor kitchen BBQ style is a great way to entertain guests from out of town or get to know the neighbours. Your parties will have a little extra flair when guests know they can expect delicious home cooked BBQ on your outdoor deck or yard.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen


20mm engineered stone bench-tops with polished edges all around for reversibility

stone top black


stone top cinnamon


stone top grey


stone top white



All carcass unit are made from 16mm V-lite PVC material with extreme water resistance. All doors, drawers, infills panels and kickers are made from 13mm Multi-purpose Compact Laminate.

cabinet color black


cabinet color polar white

Polar White

cabinet color moose


cabinet color fox teakwood

Fox Teakwood

cabinet color elegant oak

Elegant Oak

cabinet color natural walnut

Natural Walnut

cabinet color oyster linea

Oyster Linea

cabinet color seasoned oak

Seasoned Oak

cabinet color burnished wood

Burnished Wood

cabinet color new graphite

New Graphite

Find the best layout for you

We offer some of the most customizable outdoor kitchens Melbourne has to offer, with the highest variety as well. Locals know to turn to us for the most individualized treatment from start to finish. They also know that they can trust us to deliver when it comes to designing and installing state of the art outdoor kitchen BBQs and bespoke outdoor kitchens.















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Whether you are celebrating a holiday or just looking for an excuse to enjoy a little fresh air, high end bespoke outdoor kitchens are wonderful ways to do this. Our kitchens are both functional and stylish, and bring an extra feeling of warmth and of being at home to any outdoor area.

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