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We build Outdoor Blinds

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom outdoor blinds in Sunshine Coast

You can enjoy the fresh air and views in both comfort and style with outdoor patio blinds, cafe blinds, or pergola blinds for your outdoor structure. No matter the climate outside, you can enjoy nature all year round with blinds hand-picked by you that take your outdoor space to the next level with just one small change.

Outdoor blinds in Sunshine Coast make a great addition to any home or building, both enhancing your lifestyle and adding value to your property!

A lifestyle is better in the great outdoors, it’s safe to say. After a day of work or a week of the same routine, taking a step outside to breathe in the air and take in the views can put a mind instantly at ease. Blinds that create some space and separation from the rest of the world can make spending time outside more enjoyable, shifting your lifestyle in the best way.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Experience and Knowledge.

A home that has an outdoor living space is much more marketable than one with only indoor spaces, but a home with an outdoor space and outdoor blinds is the most attractive. One quick addition adds unmatched value.

Let Homestyle Living Outdoors help you add luxury, tranquility, and value to your home.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Customised Solutions.

Weather Protection: Stay sheltered you from UV rays, wind and rain. Even bad weather doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside all day.

Top-of-the-line Technology: These exterior blinds use state of the art technology to keep them from rotting, rusting or leaking.

Privacy: Relax by yourself or entertain your guests in your own private area. Choose what level of opacity you’d like to control how much can be seen out and in.

Breezy Mechanics and Use: The simple operating system of either fixed track or remote control means no complicated maneuvers must be made in order to get some shade.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Great Communication.

At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we offer a variety of Ziptrak and Zipscreen blind systems with choice of fabric and colours to suit the aesthetic of your al fresco space. With these state-of-the-art systems, there’s no need for ropes, pulleys, straps or anything complicated. They are spring-loaded that are easily operated on their fixed tracks for a user-friendly experience every time!

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

Not only are our offered cafe blinds in Sunshine Coast attractive with stylish colours and materials, but they are also as functional and safety-focused: They offer 99% protection from the sun for safe relaxation any time of day or year! The aluminum headbox is also state-of the art, powder coated in the colour of your choice for both a complementary look and a seal you can trust to stand the test of time.

When this luxury just isn’t enough, we also offer remote-controlled options. Open or close your blinds with the simple push of a button for the utmost comfort during your outdoor experience.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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If you’re looking for outdoor blinds in Sunshine Coast, look no further. At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we make sure all your expectations are exceeded in style, customer service, installation, and the final product. Call today to make your property and life better.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor blind

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Where did you hear from us?