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We build Outdoor Kitchens

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom Outdoor kitchen Builders in Sunshine Coast

An outdoor kitchen takes entertaining to the next level. At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we build the kitchen of your dreams outside your home, so you can cook up mouthwatering dishes, keep your wine chilled to serve your guests, and take in the sunset, birds chirping, and glorious views of the Sunshine Coast.

Our outdoor kitchens in Sunshine Coast are built specifically to your needs. We work with each client one on one to learn what they are hoping to get out of their alfresco kitchen and tailor our designs to fit that. The final design is always approved by clients first before building to make sure everything is to their liking before we get to work. This saves time for us, money for you, and gets you your dream outdoor kitchen as soon as possible.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens.

We understand that homes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have features others don’t. Some have ample space, some are economical in size but still full of function. So, what works for outdoor kitchens in one home may not be the right choice for another home.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Customised Solutions.

With this information, we create a custom design for you that will exceed expectations. We use the best materials we can get our hands on and combine that with superior workmanship that keeps close attention to detail, tying in your home’s existing design with the new aspects of the outdoor kitchen for a seamless finish that is sure to leave you satisfied.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

Great Investment.

Because of this, we keep our kitchen designs as bespoke as possible, so we are able to be flexible and meet the needs of all clients and their homes. The final design is sure to fit the specific requirements and general aesthetic of your home. When it comes to customizing your own kitchen, the possibilities are truly endless. Clients are able to choose the materials used in your bespoke outdoor kitchens, the placement of your outdoor kitchen BBQ and storage, the function, counter, and more.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen

You want to choose a material that will withstand the test of time and last despite being outdoors. You want to avoid highly porous materials like limestone and only consider stone like granite if you’re alright with getting it regularly sealed. Stainless steel is always a great option, but we’ll talk you through your choices to find the right material for you.

Outdoor kitchen Ideas & Designs

At Homestyle Living, we keep our business local, specializing in modular outdoor kitchen in Sunshine Coast specifically. We’ve been designing and building alfresco areas, patios, kitchens, pergolas, and outdoor BBQ kitchen Sunshine Coast since 2000. Our highly skilled design consultants use their experience to come up with a design that integrates itself flawlessly into the current look and feel of your home or building.

HomeStyle Living Outdoor Kitchen


20mm engineered stone bench-tops with polished edges all around for reversibility

stone top black


stone top cinnamon


stone top grey


stone top white



All carcass unit are made from 16mm V-lite PVC material with extreme water resistance. All doors, drawers, infills panels and kickers are made from 13mm Multi-purpose Compact Laminate.

cabinet color black


cabinet color polar white

Polar White

cabinet color moose


cabinet color fox teakwood

Fox Teakwood

cabinet color elegant oak

Elegant Oak

cabinet color natural walnut

Natural Walnut

cabinet color oyster linea

Oyster Linea

cabinet color seasoned oak

Seasoned Oak

cabinet color burnished wood

Burnished Wood

cabinet color new graphite

New Graphite

Find the best layout for you

Call us today at Homestyle Living Outdoors to chat about how we can help you create the perfect solution to outdoor cooking, entertaining, and dining. We promise the most competitive price and best service in Sunshine Coast.















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We offer an extensive range of appliances, stones tops and sides, grills and doors made by Australian makers to keep things local. Specialty Euro appliances are also available.

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