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We build Verandahs

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom Verandah Builders in Sunshine Coast

Similar to a conservatory, a verandah with its clear ceiling lets the light in just enough to stay warm and cozy whilst still offering that perfect amount of separation from the great outdoors. With its half-in, half-out feel, verandahs in Sunshine Coast are the perfect place to relax or entertain guests when the weather is less than ideal.

Verandah designs in Sunshine Coast become an extra living space for your home, giving you more square footage than you initially thought you had. Not only does this space act as another room for your time-spending purposes, but it also acts as another attractive feature if you ever decide to put your home on the market.

The natural light that verandah designs let in to the area is also unbeatable. This creates the perfect resting spot for plants to thrive, bringing life to the home.

The perfect solution for that indoor-yet-outdoor craving, a verandah by Homestyle Living Outdoors may be just what your home is missing.

HomeStyle Living Verandah

Experience and Knowledge.

The experience we offer clients is one aspect we have that makes us the standout verandah builders in Sunshine Coast. At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we have over 40 years in a customer-service centered environment that gives us a leg up when it comes to handling our clients and projects.

HomeStyle Living Verandah

Customised Solutions.

With this information, we create a custom design for you that will exceed expectations. We use the best materials we can get our hands on and combine that with superior workmanship that keeps close attention to detail, tying in your home’s existing design with the new aspects of the verandah for a seamless finish that is sure to leave you satisfied.

HomeStyle Living Verandah

Great Communication.

Beyond the aesthetics of our finished products, all of our verandah designs have structural integrity built to last. You can rest assured that our quality is top-notch from materials to every last nail and beam we install.

HomeStyle Living Verandah

At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we are here to both listen to your verandah ideas and offer our own, creating an innovative solution that meets every need from style to comfort to architectural integrity.

For a sophisticated look and feel, we offer Gable Roof Verandah designs in Sunshine Coast. We are also specialists in concreting and pavement so we will take care of every need, top to bottom.

Verandah Ideas & Designs

These outdoor gabled roofs act as an extension of your home with versatility to add features you prefer like insulation or lighting systems. We offer integrated lighting, ceiling fans, corrugated roofing profiles, and gutter systems.

For your roof, choose from SolaSpan Insulated Panels, Colorbond, or Heat-Reducing Polycarbonate. If lighting even during nighttime hours is important to you, we offer ILS Integrated Lighting systems to extend the use of your verandah room to all hours of the night.

With the glass paneling of verandahs, they can get warm under the sun so we are also happy to offer ceiling fans as an add-on feature to our designs. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to listen and get them met the best way we can.

We encourage you to get in touch with one of our specialists if you need suggestions on the design of your verandah. We offer a large variety of verandah designs solutions to fit your needs. Taking into consideration the current style of your home, paired with your likes and preferences, we help our customers come to a selection they’re pleased with.

HomeStyle Living Verandah

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