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We build Patios

Locally owned and operating since 2001.

Custom Patio Builders in Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for a patio, you want a ground-level floor positioned right outside your home for some extra square footage and room to relax away from the AC and artificial light sources. Add a patio covering and some outdoor blinds or enclosures on the side, and you’ve essentially created an extra room in your home without any life-altering and invasive construction work to the structure of your home.

Patios are great in that they provide a bit of shelter but offer more flexibility in how much shade or feeling of enclosure you like. Patio covers, shades, and doors come in all shapes and sizes, offering great customisability and freedom to create your ideal space.

If you’re wanting to add some relaxing outdoor living space to your home, call us at Homestyle Living Outdoors, where we specialise in custom patios and outdoor spaces.

HomeStyle Living Patio

Experience and Knowledge.

Our patio designs in Sunshine Coast have a wide range to suit your needs and style preferences! This includes flat patios, outdoor patios, gable patios and fly-over patios. Beyond that, we also offer corrugated roofs in Flatdek, Colorbond, Sola Span Insulated Panels or Heat-Reducing Polycarbonate to provide the finish you desire.

HomeStyle Living Patio

Customised Solutions.

Once the roofing situation is decided, you also get to customise how you want your patio to feel. Do you want an open-air feeling, letting the breeze hit you? Or do you prefer something that gives you a little space from the weather or bugs, offering some shade? At Homestyle Living Outdoors, we can create exposed or enclosed patios in Sunshine Coast to give you as much or as little privacy as you’d like.

With us at Homestyle Living Outdoors, your enclosed outdoor patio ideas are limitless. We are open ears, ready to hear your vision or help you guide it to create a space that adds value to your home and your life.

HomeStyle Living Patio

Great Communication.

With over 40 years dedicated to customer service, we are your friendly outdoor living experts at Homestyle Living Australia. Our locally-run offices offer a superior product at a competitive price with unmatched customer service the whole way through.

We are committed to a level of both customer satisfaction and workmanship that is unbeatable by any other patio builders in Sunshine Coast. Dedicated to a culture of “listen and see,” we will hear out your every need, survey your home and existing property, and create a plan for a patio that will exceed your expectations. We don’t try to hard sell you on anything to meet our bottom line, we just want to see a pleased face when the project is completed. Our commitment to you is just one of the many reasons we stand out from the rest.

HomeStyle Living Patio

Patio Ideas & Designs

Once in the building process, we put laser focus on the structural integrity of our builds with close attention to detail that doesn’t go unnoticed. With this focus, you’re sure to find your patio in Sunshine Coast brings out the best in the home you have whilst elevating it to a new level of style.

If you’re ready to take the next step for your home and for your life, call today to discuss building an outdoor patio onto your home. We’ll guide you through every step and ensure you’re pleased with the finished product, and that’s service that can’t be beat.

HomeStyle Living Patio

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For any questions about our services give us a call today! We offer a free consultation with no obligation to help you decide if a patio is the right option for your home. We look forward to speaking with you. Call us today!

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Where did you hear from us?